Instant transactions

Send and request money instantly using our chat platform, where transactions are visualized by cards that trigger an instant action if needed.

Bill payment made easy

Interact with your service provider, pay your bills, ask for late payment or upgrade your services. Just like you message your friends.

Seamless onboarding

Create your account easily with your phone number, like you do it in WhatsApp or Viber.

Directly from your bank account

Send and receive money directly to and from your bank account. No top-ups, no pre-paid cards needed. Simple and instant.

App to get finances done!

Everything you need presented in one stunning app

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drops. was created by the Family Finances team, while we were working on our youth banking solution. The concept was inspired by the endless user research in the age group of 14-22, but we believe, this app could be of great help for everyone. Our plan for the next year is to become a PISP to be able to connect drops. with the available PSD2 APIs and partner up with several service providers in order to build a world-class financial app together for Hungary and for the whole region.